Olalekan Admin

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

What I am all about.

Cyber Security Engineer with several years of experience in Information Systems Security Engineering. Offering service and working experience in cybersecurity-related services. Capable and experienced in working with firms and individuals that require digital evidence to solve problems.

As a Cyber Investigator, i do conduct analysis, training and mostly offered service in Cyber Forensics Investigation and IT Security related services for professional individuals and companies in Nigeria and Abroad. Work also includes System Rescue, Recovery, Testing and Protection from any form of cyber attack.


Cyber Investigation Service

Offered Cyber Investigation and Data Verification services are for both private and government organizations to help them clear doubt and settle disputes using the given admissible digital evidence and the technical reports.

Core activities include:

- Device / Suspect Tracking and Monitoring.
- Online / Financial Fraud Investigation.
- Online Service and Data Verification.
- Cyber Attack Investigation / Recovery and Protection.
- Data Loss Investigation / Recovery and Protection.

Feature Skills

Penetration Testing
Digital Forensics
Computer Network and Wireless
Software & Web Technologies
Linux Systems
Microsoft Windows

Interests & Hobbies

Travelling, Business, Blogging, Sports